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The map of Perfect World.

After the devastation caused by the gods' conflict, the gods used their divine power to create a new world of perfection where everyone would share in the endless resources and live in harmony. This new world was named Perfect World.

World Zones[edit | edit source]

The Midlands[edit | edit source]

Main article: Midlands

The Midlands are the primary zone of Perfect World and were the only zone before the PWI Neverfall expansion. Players that have finished their quests in the Celestial Vale will continue their adventures in the Midlands. The Midlands are the home of the playable races of the Earthguard, the Humans, the Nightshade, the Tideborn, the Untamed and the Winged Elves.

The Western Steppes[edit | edit source]

Main article: Western Steppes

The Western Steppes are located to the west of the Midlands. Reawakened players that have reached level 100 and Mirage Sky I can travel to this new location and discover the story of the Light Empire. Players will unlock their Chaotic Soul Cultivation and the Glyph System through their adventures in the Western Steppes.

The Northern Wastes[edit | edit source]

The Northern Wastes are located to the north of the Midlands. They are the home of the Frost Empire. This area is not accessible in game yet. It will likely be accessible in a future expansion.

The Eastern Isles[edit | edit source]

The Eastern Isles are located to the east of the Midlands. They are the home of the Dark Empire. This area is not accessible in game yet. It will likely be accessible in a future expansion.

The Southern Reaches[edit | edit source]

The Southern Reaches are located to the south of the Midlands. They are the home of the Flame Empire. This area is not accessible in game yet. It will likely be accessible in a future expansion.

Realms[edit | edit source]

After their long and devastating war, the gods were no longer able to coexist peacefully. As Perfect World was completed, a few powerful gods chose to depart and travel to the far corners of the universe, creating their own worlds in the fissures of reality. No one truly knows how many strange and wonderful worlds exist in these fissures, or how many stories are told there. But rumors still persist of a way to travel to these other worlds...

Celestial Vale[edit | edit source]

Main article: Celestial Vale

The Celestial Vale was once the realm where a Divine Child resided and watched over Perfect World along with his trusted Reapers. After the Twilight Empire invaded the Celestial Vale seeking power, the Divine Child was wounded, but with the last of his strength, he sent the Reapers to Perfect World. In the current times, the Celestial Vale is the starting zone of new players and is accessible to all mortals to train. Recently, it has been overrun by seven sacred beasts that now threaten the safety of the Celestial Vale and its people.

Lothranis and Momaganon[edit | edit source]

Lothranis and Momaganon are the realms of the Sages and the Demons. The two realms are accessed at City of a Thousand Streams by players that have completed their level 89 Sage or Demon Cultivation.

Morai[edit | edit source]

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Morai was once a realm that was sealed off to prevent vicious Wraiths from invading Perfect World. Following the destruction of the Elysium Village, the door to the realm of Morai was opened. In the current times, players can enter Morai once they have reached level 95 to obtain new skills, gear and a variety of other items from the Orders.

Primal World[edit | edit source]

Main article: Primal World

Primal World is the original world that was destroyed during the war of the gods. The gods chose to abandon the original world and used their powers to create a new and better world that was later known as Perfect World. The forsaken world became known as the Primal World. In the current times, Lord Tyrant has taken over the Primal World, exploiting tribes, stealing their resources and corrupting its inhabitants. Players can access Primal World through Reawakening and help Light Emperor Alexander unite the tribes and fight against Lord Tyrant and the Shokka.

Realm of Reflection[edit | edit source]

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Not much is known about the Realm of Reflection. In the current times, players can access it to reflect and gain experience through the use of Reflective Shards.