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World Quest (also called "Paper Clip for Villa") is available from level 70+. The objective is to collect and exchange volumes of the World History from NPC located throughout the World.

World Quest is another daily quest, which can be repeated once per day. The 24-hour duration starts at midnight, server time.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • Level 70-79 = 226,000 exp and 45,200 spirit
  • Level 80-89 = 452,000 exp and 90,400 spirit
  • Level 90+ = 678,000 exp and 135,600 spirit

Final Item of Paperclip-for-Villa[edit | edit source]

Upon exchanging the last volume (37) the final item of Paperclip-for-Villa is randomly given, with a 50% chance for "Title of the Villa" and a 10% chance for each of the other bonus rewards.

Those six possible final items are:

  • Title of the Villa = Standard reward (see Rewards)
  • Reviews of World History = additional 10% Spirit
  • World History: Prologue = additional 10% Experience
  • World History: Picture Version = additional 20,000 Coins
  • World History: Another Version = additional Mirage Celestone
  • World History: Postscripts = additional 5 Reputation

The World Quest[edit | edit source]

Upon reaching level 70, a system message appears advising you to talk to the Elder in Archosaur. The Elder will give you a fantasy token which tells you to speak with Li Mengpai regarding the topic "A Paperclip for a Villa".

The Fantasy Token must be in the Quest Items tab to start the WQ:

  1. Speak to Li Mengpai in Archosaur West District (531-641) to obtain the Paper Clip.
  2. Speak to Tu Heng in Archosaur West District (532 645) to obtain volume 1.
  3. Speak to the NPC indicated below based on the volume number you received from Tu Heng.
  4. Make sure to have 2 spots free in your inventory, or you won't get the next volume (there's no actual reason for this, it just is).
  5. Keep exchanging the volumes from one NPC to another up to volume 37.
  6. Once the final item of Paperclip-for-Villa is obtained, return to Li Mengpai in Archosaur West District (531-641) for the reward(s) and to obtain the Fantasy Token (needed for the next WQ).

The World History Volume[edit | edit source]

Speak with the NPC below based on the volume you received.

Example: If you received Volume 1, speak with Tailor Fang Pei to exchange Volume 1 for another volume of World History.

# Book Name NPC Name NPC Location Coordinates Nearby Teleports
(Fantasy Token) Li Mengpai West District in Archosaur 531,641 West Archosaur
(Paper-clip) Tu Heng West District in Archosaur 532,645 West Archosaur
1 Geography Tailor Fang Pei West District in Archosaur 522,648 West Archosaur
2 Regimes Moshang Broken Bridge Village 228,556 Broken Bridge Village
3 The General Old Hunter Timberfield 498,970 Timberfield
4 Conventions Merchant Chen Village of Brutes 218,423 Village of Brutes
5 Emperors Camilla Gardner Heaven's Tear 458,593 West Archosaur
6 Wraiths Lady Lo Hidden Orchid 586,564 Hidden Orchid (South Archosaur/Sanctuary)
7 Etiquette Hsu Hsiako Hidden Orchid 586,567 Hidden Orchid (South Archosaur/Sanctuary)
8 Ceremony Winged Elf Tien North District of Archosaur 581,685 North Archosaur
9 Archosaur Kao the Musician Allies Camp 621,724 Allies Camp/North Archosaur
10 Armory Old Soldier near Angler's Village 655,856 Angler's Village
11 Astronomy Count Misfortune City of Misfortune 665,968 Misfortune City
12 Commerce Merchant Chen Tradewind Village 431,736 Tradewind Village
13 Xenoworld Swiftwind Recluse Mt. Burhan 357,787 Swiftwind Tribe
14 Names Sumor Camp Elder Sumor Camp 334,827 Sumor Camp
15 Elements Blacksmith Yang Sundown Town 123,590 Sundown Town
16 The Luna Guard Hsiung Dragon Wilderness 142,641 Town of Arrivals
17 Frost City Talon Member Chao Dragon's End 284,566 Dragon's End (Broken Bridge Village)
18 Humor Orphan Hong Arrowhead Manor 434,458 Arrowhead Manor
19 Factions Member of the Talon Tusk Town 464,339 Tusk Town
20 Calendar Great Scholar Dreamweaver Port 666,369 Dreamweaver Port
21 Academia Apothecary Wu Dreamweaver Port 667,374 Dreamweaver Port
22 Folklore Tough Man Tiehi Village of the Dreaming Cloud 547,372 Village of the Dreaming Cloud
23 Lifespring Master of Yin-Yang Village of the Dreaming Cloud 549,376 Village of the Dreaming Cloud
24 Plume War Young Man Hsiao Whetstone Keep 539,415 Whetstone Keep
25 Striders Old Woman Village of the Lost 639,476 Village of the Lost
26 Assassin Shop Assistant Sanctuary 640,564 Sanctuary
27 Feng Hsuhsien on the bridge in The Mountains of Morning Dew 654,550 Sanctuary
28 Chinling Pai Li the Painter Fragrant Hills 664,610 Sanctuary/South Archosaur/Hidden Orchid
29 Faiths Foreigner Aboard a ship near Fragrant Hills 642,614 Sanctuary/South Archosaur/Hidden Orchid
30 Outer Land Merchant Chi East Barrier Village 182,867 East Barrier Village/City of a Thousand Streams
31 Waters Laid-back Old Man Netherspring Camp 629 242 Netherspring Camp
32 Nature Emerald Moon White Sand Beach 648 111 City of Raging Tides
33 Luxuries Guard Autumland Windbreaker Camp 670 175 Windbreaker Camp
34 Herbs Valiant Avatar Shrine of Immortals 115 257 Shrine of the Immortals
35 The Cape Merchant Fritz Spire of Awakening 147 247 Spire of Awakening
36 Travels Feong Yong Evernight Ruins 172 261 Spire of Awakening/Shrine of the Ancestors
37 Dragons Ancestral Guardian Shawn Shrine of the Ancestors 233 231 Shrine of the Ancestors
38 Book 38 Verdict Lord Shosan Bleakhaven Ruins 775 953 Bleakhaven Ruins
39 Book 39 Elliot Ruins Of The Exiled 728 979 Ruins Of The Exiled
40 Book 40 Hermit Serpent Cliffs 730 860 Serpent Cliffs
(Reward book) Li Mengpai West Archosaur 531,641 West District in Archosaur

Traveling Faster and Safer[edit | edit source]

If you plan on going AFK while you fly from one bookstop to another, it may be wise to use the Autopath feature at max height. Make sure to not cancel flight automatically, as some of the NPCs are near mobs.

If you'd rather teleport, there are a number of teleportation shortcuts that you can use.


  • When autopathing to Volume 27, watch out for Cyannair Specters while flying to and from this NPC. They can attack long range and they follow players to the end of the world. Literally! The only way to lose them is to dive in water and swim all the way down.
  • When autopathing to Volume 28, Chinling, be careful not to go AFK for too long. Pai Li the Painter is close to the Huggy Hares. Landing near/on top of Pai Li could aggro the Huggy Hares. If you are AFK for too long, these lovable bunnies could eat your charm or kill you.

Mysterious Items[edit | edit source]

These items 'may' randomly appear in your inventory after obtaining a volume. It appears these items were used in the first version of Perfect World (PWI is version 2) in the so called "Housing system". This feature was removed with the new version, but the items are left in the game. The items are of no use at the moment, just sell them to a merchant and earn 5,000 coins.

World Histories Mysterious Item Level Odds of Getting an Item
I-III 1 ~0.67%
IV-VI 2 ~0.33%
VII-IX 3 ~0.17%
X-XII 4 ~0.08%
XIII-XV 5 ~0.04%
XVI-XVIII 6 ~0.02%
XIX-XXI 7 ~0.01%
XXII-XXIV 8 ~0.01%
XXV-XXVII 9 <0.01%
XXVIII-XXX 10 <0.01%
Mysterious Items (in alphabetical order)
Image Name Level Value Description
Banned Novel 5 5,000 Author unknown. Book name unknown.
Canned Tuna 3 5,000 Mysterious food from the outer regions.
Clivia Orchid 7 5,000 Orchid with a dim fragrance.
Cognac 3 5,000 Cognac, cognac, one cup, two cups, three...
Creek Rinsed Voile 6 5,000 Famous for its ancient beauty.
Cup of Grief 6 5,000 It's a grail, but it also brings grief.
Doll 1 5,000 A toy loved by children.
Expired Ship Ticket 2 5,000 A worn ship ticket. Looks useless.
Fake Calligraphy 5 5,000 Looks like the real one.
Fine Bamboo Flute 6 5,000 A bamboo flute of nice materials and technique.
Folding Fan 1 5,000 A fan. When it is unfolded... it is still a fan.
Fool's Casket 7 5,000 There was a fool who wanted to sell his pearls...
Gilt Ring 2 5,000 Looks like a ring made of gold. But actually it's just a ring plated with gold.
Gold-plated Saddle 4 5,000 A saddle plated with gold just to show off.
Huzhou Brush Pen 6 5,000 The most famous brush pen of China.
Jiangnan Osier 7 5,000 Osier of willows grow in Jiangnan region. Soft but very hard to be broken.
Kingfisher's Feather 1 5,000 Kingfisher's tail feather.
Lavish Quiver 4 5,000 If you want to improve your archery skills, you shall improve your concentration first.
Luminesce Sachet 2 5,000 A sachet that may has fireflies inside.
Luminous Grail 7 5,000 Grail that glows in darkness.
Marble 1 5,000 Cheap transparent toy for kids.
Monkey Wine 3 5,000 Some say it is made by monkeys, some say it is made of monkeys.
Oilpaper Umbrella 1 5,000 What? Never seen an umbrella made of oiled paper?
Painting of Pecking Chicklings1 5 5,000 Could be the work of somebody famous.
Poisoned Arrows 4 5,000 It is said the first poisoned arrow was made by accident. People found that arrows shot to kill poisonous snakes became poisonous.
Pork 3 5,000 Neither fried nor roasted but tastes great.
Raft of Huang River 7 5,000 A raft that used to sail the Huang River.
Rice Paper 6 5,000 Used for Chinese painting and calligraphy.
Royal Jewellery 5 5,000 The chicklings look really cute.1
Rubbings of Ancient Text 5 5,000 Rubbings from Mount Tai.
Rusted Blade 4 5,000 Maybe it is a wonderful sword before it was rusted.
Shabby Rattle Drum 2 5,000 A common toy for kids.
Sharp Dagger 4 5,000 A common dagger that is as an assassin's blade.
Soup of Pearls and Jades 3 5,000 Just common soup made of Chinese cabbage and beancurd. Who gave it a such beautiful name?
Undelivered Love Letter 2 5,000 Endless words convey the longing of lovers.
1.^ The description text "The chicklings look really cute." was probably supposed to go with the "Painting of Pecking Chicklings", but for some reason appears with the "Royal Jewellery".

(Level 8, 9, & 10 WQ items are not yet listed above due to exceeding rarity. Feel free to add them yourself.)