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Zoologist Yin is basically the "Mrs. Zoologist" for water pets, since you have to summon the pet in order to train its skills. He can be found underwater in East Archosaur at coordinates 586 649.

Goods for Sale[edit | edit source]

Pet Items[edit | edit source]

Item Cost Description
Pet Collar 10,000 Required to use the "Rename Pet" service.
Forget Scroll 100,000 Required to use the "Forget Pet Skill" service.
Tame Book 200,000 Required to use the "Learn Pet Skills" service. Increases the level of a skill already known by your pet. Spirit is also required to train these skills.

Pet Skill Scrolls[edit | edit source]

These are also accessed through the "Pet Items" option.

Item Cost
Roar Scroll 150,000
Bash Scroll 300,000
Boost Scroll 300,000
Fireball Scroll 300,000
Flesh Ream Scroll 300,000
Icicle Scroll 300,000
Sandblow Scroll 300,000
Thunderbolt Scroll 300,000
Tough Scroll 300,000
Toxin Scroll 300,000
Howl Scroll 750,000
Pierce Scroll 750,000
Threaten Scroll 750,000
Shrill Scroll 900,000
Slow Scroll 900,000