Flowsilver Palace

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Flowsilver Palace
Lava chamber in Flowsilver Palace.
Location:Primal World
Modes:Deicide, Judgment
Minimum Requirement(s):Level 100
Reawakening 1
Arcane Sky I
Player Limit:10
Devilhill Batlord(pwdb)
Legendary Beast: Azoth Drake(pwdb)
Golden Century Toad(pwdb)
Blossom Succubus(pwdb)
Tyrant Prince Mushi(pwdb)
Belle Leun, the Mad Princess
(Judgment mode only)

The Flowsilver Palace is a dungeon inside Primal World and is the home to the Tyrant Prince Mushi, where he plots the overtaking of the Primal World from Alexander, the Light Emperor, with the aid of his minions and his lover, the Mad Princess Belle Leun. The Flowsilver Palace is available for players over level 100 who have reawakened at least once, and have a Boundary level of Arcane Sky I. To enter the Flowsilver Palace, players have to talk to Emerald Spellcaster at the Dragon Tower in Primal World.

Map[edit | edit source]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Flowsilver Palace is a dungeon where players can get their Shiny Flowsilver Coins which they can afterwards change for rewards such as War Avatar Packs, Warsong Emblems, skill book pages and more. When someone dies in the Palace they don't lose experience, but they get sent back to the entrance, thus potentially crippling the squad for a moment while they make their way back, even though the teleporter at the start will offer teleports to the Treasure Vault in Deicide Mode (when it's unlocked), and to both the Treasure Vault and the Chamber of Solitude in Judgment Mode. Mounts are allowed for quick travel in the Palace, as is embracing to gain chi.

Once inside, the leader will choose between either Deicide or Judgment mode. The latter gives more rewards than the former, but is also more challenging. Players can enter Flowsilver Palace as many times as they wish, but the daily quest can only be completed once per day.

Squad Structure[edit | edit source]

A good party to face either mode would consist of:

All the bosses in this instance have a buff that reduces the damage they get from physical attacks, thus rendering APS attacks less effective. These can be purged from all bosses, except the Golden Century Toad.

Deicide Mode[edit | edit source]

In Deicide Mode, introduced with the New Horizons expansion, the players will face five bosses throughout the dungeon: Devilhill Batlord, Legendary Azoth Beast • Drake, Golden Century Toad, Blossom Succubus, and Tyrant Prince Mushi. This is the least rewarding mode of the two, landing you with 20 Flowsilver coins per run. Right after the entrance, you'll face a hall with 4-5 guillotines falling and raising at intervals. They do a lot of damage, so it's convenient to run past them when they're rising, or you could die. Once you get through, you'll face...

Devilhill Batlord[edit | edit source]

The floor is lava! Save for a few raised platforms, the room is flooded with lava: not in vain it's called the Firefall Hall. At the very middle of the room, bridges will appear and disappear intermitently. At the very center, a flock of bats wait on you to step in to attack. Dispose of the bats, and then jump to the platforms at the right and left (North and South, on the map), killing the drakelings protecting them. After the leader start the instance, dig the two pillars at the same time to raise the dawbridge and free the Batlord from his cage. He's pretty easy: he only stuns, puts a bleed DoT on whoever he's aggro'd by, and not much more. A sin with Death Chain can link him, and then jump into the lava to die and hopefully bring him down in one shot. The lava flood gate will retreat, and you'll be ready to face...

Legendary Beast • Azoth Drake[edit | edit source]

Reward: 2 x Shiny Flowsilver coin
After going through a submarine hallway full of piranhas, you'll resurface amongh the Quicksilver Offspring of the dragon warding the silver pool. Destroy the eggs to wake up the dragon. The cleric can BB up on top one of the arches, or get ready to run around. When facing this boss, he'll spawn a couple of things:
  • Quicksilver Elites: These will freeze you. Combined with the next spawn, you might be in a tight spot.
  • Blue circles of Death: These are like the orange circles at the dinosaur boss in Frostcovered City. After some time, he'll spawn three of these, which are timed, and explode dealing a good bit of damage.

Other than that, he's a pretty easy boss, and goes down just about fine if the squad is good. Once defeated, talk to the NPC (these NPCs are the redeemed or unpossessed hosts of the bosses) to acquire your reward. Head down the hall, and... what's that cracking you heard? Put on your Indiana Jones hat and run away from the ball before it squishes you. Phew. But get ready to challenge...

Golden Century Toad[edit | edit source]

Reward: 2 x Shiny Flowsilver Coin
After avoiding the rolling stone, head out into the Treasury Vault. The stairs leading down to it have missing steps, and if you fall in the gaps you'll die, period, and be teleported back to the entrance. After killing the guards in the Vault, golden toad statues will appear. If you have girls in your squad they have to select one and do the kissing emote. If not, smack them around until the big fat Toad appears. This boss has four special attacks:
  • A massive frontal cone chop that does extremely high damage to everyone except Barbarians. This attack is why having a barbarian is almost a requirement for handling Toad (although extremely high geared assassins and psychics are able to handle this attack as well).
  • A periodic physical AOE stun.
  • The boss will throw an axe at a player, stunning them and dealing minor damage, but they'll also get a sandstorm DoT that will kill them in 10 seconds if it's not purified or sparked away. This attack also triggers the spawn of a Shield-Destroyer Axe, a mob that has to be killed to drop the item with which to attack Toad when he puts up his...
  • Blue shield: this buff, shown like a blue shield in his buff/debuff bar, will not only make him invulnerable, but also make him recover HP while it's active. To get rid of it, right click on the axe if you have it in your inventory, or just click on the small window that will appear in the center of your screen. Don't do it too soon, or too late, and don't pay attention to the message telling you to throw it, but at the buff bar. When you see the shield, fire at will!

Be aware that whoever is tanking must hold the aggro, or else the squad could be wiped. The cleric will have to keep an eye out to purify squad mates with the DoT.

When the Toad has been defeated, the NPC will give you two coins, and chests will appear around the room. These contain Pages of Fate and Old Book Pages, but they can also turn you into a frog, or turn into tentacle-filled chest monsters. Also, the NPC at the start of the instance will allow you to teleport to this area if you die further down the instance.

Blossom Succubus[edit | edit source]

Reward: 3 x Shiny Flowsilver Coin
After killing the guards in the way, you'll face the guardian of Amorea, a resentful lady with a bad temper. She is no more complicated than just a few quirks she's got:
  • Revenge: you have to spread out away from each other, or else she can wipe you.
  • Joy and Friendship: Group hug! If you don't all huddle up together, she can wipe you.
  • Self-healing: When it says that the Succubus is casting a healing spell (it's quite visible) you have to use cast-interrupting skills to keep her from regaining all her health.
  • Sleep a character at random.
  • Reel everyone in, which does small damage.

If you can manage to get together and flee from each other in time, she's no harder than your usual, run-of-the-mill boss. Talk to the NPC, get your reward... Mushi awaits.

Tyrant Prince Mushi[edit | edit source]

Reward: 5 x Shiny Flowsilver Coin
Reward: 8 x Shiny Flowsilver Coin (quest finished)
After going through the Ancient Court, you'll reach the Hall of the Fallen Kings. The Five Kings of Perfect World, captured and possessed, will come from their thrones to try and keep you from harming their master, Mushi. Kill all the mobs in the room, including the Guard Captain, which will trigger the kings appearing and coming down to fight.
  • Lenn Shin: physical immune, ranged.
  • Bai Hau: powerful melee.
  • Linn Shoyo: magical immunity.
  • Linn Goyan.
  • Yeh Kuhan.

Once the five kings are dead, brace yourselves... Mushi is ready to come down from his throne and rain hell on your squad. He basically does three things:

  • AOE knockback: this wouldn't be a big deal, if it weren't for the fires surrounding the room. If you get pushed into the fire, you'll die. It is advised that all players gather together between the stairs and the wall, so that when he knocks you all back, you won't move.
  • Free sparks: but there's a catch - after a while, if you don't spark, you'll die. The chi works in mysterious ways.
  • When he's about to die, he'll warn you by saying he'll rampage in ten seconds, then five, and then he will be INVINCIBLE! which basically means he'll hit like a truck and probably kill whoever he aggros, unless they're strong enough to survive.

Other than this, he's pretty easy to manage. Now, Judgment mode is another thing... With the release of Riptide, PWE released the Judgment mode for Flowsilver Palace, with new challenges and a new boss: Mad Princess Belle Leun, Mushi's lover, resentful after the death of her beloved prince at your hands!

Judgment Mode[edit | edit source]

The Judgment mode, or JFSP, is the evolved version of the normal Flowsilver Palace, but this time offering new items to help you in your search for the best astrolabe (or star chart). The rewards for completing this mode are a new star chart, items to perform horoscopes on it, to improve the aptitude of its starts, and to level it up. Also, the Flowsilver coin count has gone from 20 to 25. In this mode, save for the Devilhill Batlord, the rest of the bosses have new challenges added to their tactics, as well as a brand new boss after Tyrant Prince Mushi.

Legendary Beast • Azoth Drake[edit | edit source]

Besides his usual attacks, Drake will also spawn a whirlwind in the pool where he spawns. Surrounding it will be a few jellyfishes and mermaids, named like +1, +2, and x2. The trick to this is that, when the Drake calls for a certain math operation, kill the mobs in the right order. For example, "4+7" would be 11, so you'd have to do +2, +2 (4), +1 (5), x2 (10), +1, which gives 11. If you can't manage it in 30 seconds, the boss will heal completely. If the boss is pulled into the water, it will regenerate its HP.

After the kill you will receive 1x Stargazers Chest.

Golden Century Toad[edit | edit source]

The added challenge to Toad will be the coins he'll spawn:

  • The silver ones need to be killed, or they'll turn whoever they have aggro'd into a frog. If it's the tank becoming a frog, this will be a problem, since they'll be prevented from using their skills.
  • The golden ones have a countdown from 3, and when they reach 0 they explode, killing the players in the vicinity. Run away from them to avoid this.

After the kill you will receive 2x Astrobana Pearl Lv1.

Blossom Succubus[edit | edit source]

As well as the Revenge and Joy and Friendship moves, Succubus will also spawn some plants:

  • The Envy Blossom (yellow plant) will have a countdown after Succubus calls for Revenge/J&F, and when it explodes it'll kill all the players nearby. It's advised that, if the players have to group up, they move away from it together.
  • The Guardian Blossoms (blue plants) will cast an Invoke-type on the players that are right beside it, shielding them from the green blast that the Succubus will charge up and then fire. If you're not in the range of the buff, you'll most likely end up dead.

Speak to the NPC after the kill to receive 2x Astrospira Pearl Lv1.

Tyrant Prince Mushi[edit | edit source]

Mushi will go berserk regularly, and to do so you'll have to create a dome of protection by attacking the chi crystals that will appear around the room. Always kill the crystals and shield yourself before sparking: you'll have enough time even if he has done his free spark attack, but you won't survive his strike if you're not protected by the yellow dome, not even if you spark. He also casts his AOE knockback skill so watch where you are standing or you can be pushed into the flames and instantly be killed.

After the kill you will receive 2 x Nebula Dust Orbs.

Mad Princess: Belle Leun[edit | edit source]

Mushi's lover, the Mad Princess is a boss introduced with the Riptide expansion. During the fight she'll spawn physical and magic immune mobs, call forth one of either mini bosses flanking the room, and spawn a ghost that will reel you in and then explode, killing you. She won't move from her pedestal, which is very handy.

  • As the fight starts, Belle Leun will spawn two different kinds of mobs: ones that are physical immune, and others that are magic immune. They deal quite a bit of damage, so they should be taken out before they can kill the squad.
  • Eventually, and throughout the fight, a Ghost will appear. Be quick to look around, and put the pedestal between you and them, running behind it, to avoid getting reeled in and killed.
  • At half health, Belle will become invincible, and call forth either Mushi again, who will do his knockback and free spark, or Skyscreamer with an AOE stun. Defeating Skyscreamer means you've spent less than 15 minutes in the instance, and you'll earn a title!
  • After killing the minibosses, Belle will cast a Dark Curtain: when it's active, the next two skills casted will have a 180 second cooldown.
  • Also, she'll cast a Life Reversion on a random player, which means that if they attack her, they'll heal her. Whoever is linked should step back and wait until the link is severed.

After the kill you are rewarded with 2x Nebula Dust Orbs.

If you can defeat her, congratulations! You deserve the Star Chart items and the coins after braving a very challenging dungeon!

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